Music Monarchs

Satisfaction Survey

Event Date: Friday, April 9, 2010
Event Type: Wedding
Event Location:
Event Staff:
Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Excellent
Quality of Customer Service via Internet: Excellent
Quality of Customer Service at Event: Good
Friendliness of your Entertainer: Excellent
Promptness of your Entertainer: Good
Professionalism of your Entertainer: Excellent
Entertainer's Performance: Good
Entertainer's Appearance: Good
System Appearance: Good
Sound Quality: Good
Overall Volume Levels: Excellent
Music Selection: Excellent
Incorporation of Your Requests: Excellent
Lighting Effects: Fair
Equipment Appearance: Good
Overall Customer Service: Good
Planning Assistance: Excellent
Entertainer's Cooperation with Other Vendors: Excellent
Overall Performance Rating: Good
Is there anything specific that can be improved upon? We had originally suggested not to have lighting effects for the event, but they were used after all. It wasn't much of a problem, but a few pictures were affected by the colors.
Additional comments or suggestions? I really appreciated the photography. You were able to take some great pictures that would not have been captured by the other photographer! Very nice touch and feature to your services.
Would you recommend this service to others? Yes
May your comments be shared with others? Yes
May your name be added to a list of references? Yes
Name: Jacob
Email: wavelength20 <at>
Phone: no calls please

Submitted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010